Thursday, June 11, 2009

Winnipeg Business Tees off with the Chamber

Yesterday, I attended the 19th annual Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament at Pine Ridge Golf and Country Club. The course was in beautiful shape, the drinks were flowing and, despite moments of rain, the event was a great success.

As can be expected, much schmoozing was going on amongst the many Winnipeg business owners and other organizational leaders. As much as the event is to help network and give back to a worthy charity - this year being the Winnipeg Human Society - much like in my high school days, there is curiosity amongst all that attend as to who is mingling with who.

Yes, despite being over a decade since walking the halls of River East Collegiate, I still feel that same sense of "who's hot and who's not" that happened when identifying the "cool" kids from the popularity challenged. Each handshake carrying with it either a label of "in the know" vs "no need to know." "Why his he golfing with them?" or "Where is so and so this year?"

As much as things change, they just stay the same.

The mixture of booze and fatigue always lead to a slip or two of the tongue, and its no different at this event as I witnessed when within earshot of one very example - though no further details will be found on this blog. Point being that no matter the title on the business card or the level of education, it seems at heart we are creatures motivated by acceptance and driven by curiosity, mixed with a healthy dose of drama. As the world turns, these are the days of our lives in business in Winnipeg.

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