Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Winnipeg Business - Online Brand Protection

I was enjoying a walk with my beautiful wife the other day - my mind far off the Winnipeg business scene - when we came across a home that was quite obviously mired in renovations. As we grew closer, it was easy to see the amount of work that remained to turn this construction site into a home. What was most eye-popping was the sign, written in red marker on a large piece of cardboard, which read:

"I.C.E. Construction Group
8-10 weeks Concrete Project
Began Sep 08
Trying to focus on what my wife was telling me - I couldn't help but think about the power of the written word, but more than this, the importance of online brand protection.
The sign, coupled with the obvious state of disarray this poor homeowner was enduring, sent a very powerful message to the competency of I.C.E. Construction Group. Immediately, my wife turned to me and said "remind me never to use them for any concrete work."
This event made me think about the power a blog can have when distributed effectively, and how people really do believe what they read. I can almost guarantee that my wife is not the only one to have made that comment, and that the entire surrounding neighbourhood will never use the services of I.C.E. Construction Group for any of ther concrete needs. But what if that message on the piece of cardboard was seen by 1,000 people or 10,000? At that point the angry voice of an unsatisfied customer turns into thousands of lost dollars. What happens if you have no way of protecting what is written about you across the net?
A good recent example of this would be Furnasman One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Just search the term "furnaces winnipeg" or "furnace repair winnipeg" and see for yourself.
With blogging across the internet, your brand is open to anyone and everyone.
Winnipeg buiness - what are you doing to protect yourself online?

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