Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winnipeg Public Health Inspectors Need To Look Harder

The Sizzling Wok at St.Vital Centre is already back up and operational after being closed for a day after serving a baby rodent to a Winnipeg couple. One day?! I really struggle with this.

I realize we all risk our health anytime we place our faith in the food being served to us; but when a mouse is found by a patron, am I the only one that feels a day off the market is a bit short? I admit I have no experience in the supervision of food handling, but to think that they are already serving people again before the community has had a chance to properly digest the news seems absurd. Are we that hungry that we can't wait a few days to ensure that there are no further problems that could emerge?

I respect that they have no past history of food contamination, but this wasn't a hair in my soup... it was a rat people! Fight your urge for Chinese cuisine, and have a burger or something. I just can't understand how there cannot be further interrogation of the restaurant owners and their suppliers before firing up the wok again.

Don't these restaurant owners realize that they are hurting themselves long-term by opening up so quick? Having had only 24 hours to think about whether I would eat there again, I know now I wouldn't. I don't feel bad at all if their business goes bust because to me, it seems like their biggest concern is getting the shop up and running again to make some money, as opposed to staying closed and getting to the heart of the problem, showing that they care more about those they are serving than themselves.

The restaurant owners could learn something from Michael McCain of Maple Leaf Foods. Where are they? Where is their statement? The Manager of Public Health Inspection Programs Mike LeBlanc and the management of St. Vital should be seriously giving their heads a shake if they feel the public are okay with this restaurant opening a day later. Who runs the PR departments and when do they get fired? Do they think that people who roam the mall are hopeless drones, unaware of the news, just looking to consume whatever is in their path? Well... for some maybe, but for most, you can bet they won't be eating at the Sizzling Wok or any other food court restaurant for that matter considering how poorly this situation is being handled.

Before I end, I'd like to say that I do feel sorry for the couple who were served; not because they found a mouse, but because they are probably at home sick thinking back to all the times they ate there and never looked.

How's your stomach feeling? Lunch anyone?