Saturday, February 14, 2009

Winnipeg Business Is Poised to Dominate Canada

There I said it; the title - "Winnipeg Business Is Poised to Dominate Canada." Why not? Everything is pointing in that direction.

I could go on.

This is the time to put personal agendas aside both publicly and privately, and live-up to the potential that our geographic location provides us.

Who cares about who gets the credit? And if you do... you should ask yourself why?

I've met with a lot of Winnipeg businesses over the last year, and its been an eye-opener. We should be proud of our private sector. There are a lot of sharp minds in this city, and the most exciting part about the people I've met is their will to take risks. I mean really... everyone knows Winnipeggers love to gamble.

The investments in physical infrastructure that are happening in Winnipeg are exciting; but there is a missing piece that is being unfulfilled. The infrastructure for marketing these developments.

The infrastructure for how we will send these ideas to the world is equally important to how we complete them physically. In order to "sell Winnipeg to the world" we'll need to invest dollars into laying the foundation for our virtual infrastructure, webbing all the entities into a common voice across the internet - so we are visible globally.

If the City of Winnipeg and the private sector can meld these two elements seamlessly, we will truly have a product and a stage on which to market it.

Winnipeg...its time we stomp on the Vancouver's and the Toronto's. You know if they could do it to us they would.