Friday, June 5, 2009

Manitoba Moose Downtown Party

I'm calling all Winnipeg business and Winnipeggers to flood our downtown for a massive street party to cheer on the Manitoba Moose when they win the Calder Cup Trophy. I have vivid memories of the craziness that ensued in downtown Winnipeg after the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series back in 1992. Everyone poured into the streets, fanatic that a Canadian team was able to capture the crown of best in baseball. The Manitoba Moose are Canada's hockey team now, and let's show the country and the continent how much we love our home town teams.

Considering most Winnipeggers would rather eat fish out of the Red River than support anything based in Toronto, it would be a disgrace to our beloved Moose if we didn't honor them by taping off the downtown and filling the TV screens with everything Moose.

So... I encourage all fans of the Moose, all fans of sports in Manitoba and all fans of good times in general to flood the streets of downtown when the Moose raise the Calder Cup. Bringing Manitobans our first title in too many years to mention is worth getting the police out to watch us as we party and celebrate our rightful place at the top.

First drinks on me!

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