Monday, June 1, 2009

CentrePort Canada - Bridging Commerce to the North

The effects of global warming are heating up opportunities for business in Canada's North. CentrePort Canada realizes this opportunity and is using the Port of Churchill as further fuel in selling the world the benefits of doing business at the future site of Winnipeg's inland port.

The selling point for CentrePort Canada has been location, location, location. The changing seascape in the Artic has opened the opportunity to shorten shipping routes, open new trade avenues for Manitoba and Canada with international partners through Canada's only major international Arctic Seaport at the Port of Churchill. The "Arctic Bridge" as its being called connects with the Port of Murmansk, Russia, allowing for trade opportunities that were unavailable only years ago. Further development will also lead to increased commerce opportunities for those communities located in the both Arctic regions.

Further development of the marine link between Russia and Manitoba is being planned from establishing working groups, doing test flights and shipments, and continuing to improve communications amongst all industry stakeholders.

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