Thursday, August 5, 2010

Widening Inkster & Widening Costs

Okay...I'm all for the development of Winnipeg's inland port. I feel our geographic location is a fit; our successful Manitoba manufacturing and aerospace companies will benefit; and the potential for new business development and job creation is immense. What I'm not sure of is what has truly been accomplished to this point other than a tremendous level of spending of taxpayers money?

A trip to Mexico and tour of the Southern U.S. resulted in squat. I mean what impact are Diane Gray and her team making on these trips if, when reported on, they can't even spell her name right? click here Didn't she leave a business card?

Have they secured the land in Rosser yet? No. Without this, how will they secure tenants? Maybe they should spend less money touring the world, and more time working out relations with the rest of Manitoba.

Does anyone in Winnipeg even know anything about this project? No. I know this for a fact as I'm out meeting with companies all the time. Majority of people just think this whole project is the airport expansion. I'm sure that's why Michael Rodyniuk left. He probably got tired of explaining that the two projects are completely separate from one another.

Now I see that all the talk is around being Canada's first foreign trade zone. I'd say this is a pretty big deal. Why isn't the CentrePort Canada team shouting this to the heavens? They make a small mention on their website and that's it!

My point is there needs to be more education and marketing locally in order for Winnipeggers & Manitobans to talk less about noise pollution and tax spending and more about the potential for provincial prosperity.

With the millions of dollars already spent, when will we see some real business deals closed and the potential for return on investment? Yes Winnipeg! I sure hope so...

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