Monday, October 19, 2009

Winnipeg Business Still Trying to Roll A Square

When will Winnipeg & Manitoba's so called business leaders learn you cannot role a square?

Armed with large federal and provincial budgets, they go about trying to educate the world of our wears. This my friends is not done by painting a bus that travels up and down Portage Avenue, nor having the biggest billboard in the city, nor advertising with all the local radio stations and newspapers. Why? Because no one beyond Brandon will ever see or hear about it. Still we shovel the same crap to the same old companies doing the same old stuff and we wonder why people don't take us seriously or why no one has ever heard of Winnipeg.

Times have changed and Winnipeg business you will have to as well. I know some of you have websites now, built by people who have won awards in Manitoba. Awards are great and all, but results are what pay the bills, and an all singing website that no one sees only wins awards not customers.

Today 90% of people globally use the internet to find, buy and/or research before any purchase or investment. If you cannot be found, you lose. Its that simple.

Stop trying to role a square. The wheel has been invented - it's round and works much better. Okay... maybe all your old pals you usually work with have not got a website yet or they are still trying to fathom how it works, but in the meantime, business generated by the net is passing you by, forcing you to work 10 times as hard to catch up once you wake up to the new world.

Don't be embarrassed to say you don't know. Don't be ashamed to use someone who does. And certainly don't be shy to spend all that government, tax payer money where your going to get the best return - with a proven SEO company.

The old school cannot have it's own way anymore, they are stopping progress. What for? Personal gain. They choose to agree on nothing until the divi's are worked out to everyone's favour. But what about the people, the city, the province, the tax payers?

Winnipeg, it is time to get some BALLS, stand up, be counted and instead of doing what's familar, do what works.

It's your turn Winnipeg.

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