Monday, October 5, 2009

Manitoba 1000 - Webidiotz

I heard on the radio today the advert for the Manitoba 1000 website, so I went on Google and searched "Manitoba 1000". Guess what website was not on page 1?

So I got around to thinking how is this website going to increase sales for Manitoba businesses when it cannot even list itself.... sounds fishy?

After a little bit of research I found the possible operator of this website is wanted by all sorts of people in the UK, the courts too, for monies he ripped off them.

His old company was called "One Move" here are some of the horror stories:

Neil Patel Story #1

Neil Patel Story #2

Neil Patel Story #3

Now I'm not sure if this is the same guy. and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the latest story says he owns "webidiotz" in Winnipeg.

If you checkout their address 2157 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg it belongs to a company called Ade & Co. who are Patent Agents. No business name is listed outside for a web design company, but a testimonial from Ade is on the website.... very confusing.

So if this guy is the same fast talking I'll make you rich shyster, Beware Manitoba! Don't be a Web Idiot.

Do your homework. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Anonymous said...

Neil Patel is still the same scam artist and liar he was in the UK. Know him in Winnipeg, starting to owe money here too. He is running a company called WebIdiotz fitting name for him, If you need any furher infromation let me know. His latest scam is

Anonymous said...

He definitely is the same guy so beware. Webidiotz or Mantoba1000 customers will be sorry. Neil Patel the owner of Webidiotz and Mantoba1000 and ex owner of OneMove and Madissons Estate Agents (another of his failed businesses) is the biggest scam artist who rips off customers and steeps so low as to borrow money from staff and not pay salaries etc. Of course he will tell his own lies.

Watch out if you are a customer or work for Webidiotz - dont trust Neil Patel!

Anonymous said...

The man is a snake. I knew it the first time I met him and his actions proved me right.

Don't trust a word he says and def don't get involved with him in any way.

He is a scam artist, liar and ought never to be trusted. Poor family is al I can say.

Anonymous said...

July 20,2010. Neil Patel is the same SCAM ARTIST from the UK. He is in Winnipeg, scaming many more inocent business. He does this but having a bunch of companies which are all connected...Manitoba 1000, Webidiotz, Webwomen,Hideout address - Ade & Co- Henderson Hwy. He now has a couple million dollar studio in his brand new million dollar property home. Poor man! Does it looks like hes suffering? NOT