Friday, September 11, 2009

Winnipeg Goldeyes' Organization of the Year

Yet again the brass at the Winnipeg Goldeyes have been crowned the Organization of the Year in the Northern Baseball League. The team has been awarded the honor for the 4th time since the award was first handed out in 2003.

Winning the title has much to do with the impressive attendance numbers the Goldeyes continue to draw; leading all other Northern league baseball clubs for the last ten years for both total attendance and average attendance per game. In 45 home games this season, the Goldeyes drew 278,009 fans, with an average attendance of 6,180 per game.

“This is an award to be shared by everyone associated with the Goldeyes and I speak on behalf of the entire organization when I say we are honoured,” said president and CEO Sam Katz. “From top to bottom, this is a very solid organization. It is part of a very strong league, one that will become stronger next year with the addition of two more teams and will become even stronger in the years to come as more and more fans get to know this amazing product we call Northern League baseball.”

The team has proven year in and year out since building the new ballpark and re-joining the league, that baseball is a viable product in the Manitoba market.


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