Monday, July 27, 2009

Your Next Winnipeg Business Lunch

My wife and I, on an empty stomach, found ourselves asking the same question we often ask when deciding on where to walk to enjoy some good food on a patio in Winnipeg - Corydon or Osborne Village? However, this day we changed our predictable path and found ourselves wondering around in St. Boniface when we came across what is now our new favorite restaurant.

Les Jasmins De La Tunisie is Winnipeg's only Tunisian restaurant, positioned beautifully at the base of the Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge. The restaurant is run by the Manachou family, and just recently celebrated their one year anniversary back in May of this year.

My wife and I were very unfamiliar with the majority of the items on then menu, but all are well explained, and the owner was quite helpful in providing further information and also wine pairings. Come on... you can't enjoy a meal in Little France without a little red wine.

Unfortunately I did not grab a menu when we left, (and they have no website...?) so I am unable to give the exact names of the meals we had. What I do remember is the appetizer we had called "brik." This is a filo pastry stuffed with tuna, spinach, fresh herbs and an egg. After the first bite, we stared at each other almost like wild dogs knowing we had to share, while each wanting to eat the whole thing ourself, plus a couple more. Truly a taste unlike anything I've had in the city before.

We are both eager to return to try other parts of the menu, and both have plans to bring friends and co-workers. Winnipeg palates rejoice! You will be amazed by the food and charmed by the location and owners. Bon Appetite!

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