Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Winnipeg Business I Know Where Your Target Market Is

The mystery of where to put your dollars in marketing has always been based on the question, "Where is my target market?"; and - Winnipeg business owners - if you don't know this by now than please continue reading.

As is common, a Winnipeg business owner will set aside a budget specific for marketing. And if you are like most, you naturally gravitate towards the traditional options of the "Free Press vs The Sun; BOB FM vs CITI; or Winnipeg Women Magazine vs Flavours Magazine." But the question still persists, "Is this where my target market is?"

The answer is to quit guessing and embrace the change that is"online search marketing." When a person types in "skechers shoes" on Google.ca, it's because they are in the market to buy skecher shoes.

There is no wondering if your target audience watches "The Amazing Race" on Wednesday nights to hope they'll catch your ad. There is no fear they may not read the "City and Business" section of the Free Press and miss your sale on men's ties. No my friends, if they type in "men's ties" on Google.ca and your website is one of the first they see to click to, than once again your 24/7 online salesman has closed a sale.

The times aren't changing, they've changed. The guessing game is over.

It's your turn Winnipeg.

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