Monday, April 27, 2009

Winnipeg Free Press Dodge Winnipeg's New Media Businesses

Only 3 weeks into the "We Believe in Winnipeg" campaign featured in the Sunday edition of the Winnipeg Free Press, and already its proven to be a farce. Originally the piece was a separate insert, focused on Winnipeg business success stories, with each week featuring a different industry sector. This week it was supposed to feature Winnipeg businesses involved in Internet Communications Technology/New Media and Education. Instead, there was no insert this time, only a 2-page spread, and all that was in there were articles around Red River College. Okay... that covers education but what about the other areas?

Hmm? What a coincidence that the Winnipeg Free Press - who are hurting financially because of losses in ad revenue to Internet Communications Technology & New Media companies - chose against featuring any of these companies in the article.

It seems pretty clear that the private interests of the paper outweigh the purpose of the whole campaign. New Media companies are popping up all over Winnipeg, so you think there'd be plenty to write about. It's so pathetic that I'm surprised the Free Press didn't decide to just promote their cars, homes, and auction e-commerce sites in the new media section to try and further fill their pockets. Lame.

I guess you can file this campaign in the same G-drawer as "Love Me, Love My Winnipeg" in the 1980s; "100 Reasons to Love Winnipeg" in the 1990s and; "Spirited Energy" in 2006.

Can't wait to see what's next. Maybe the Free Press could give all their subscribers a gold star to pin on their chest to remind them of how proud they should feel to be in a city that provides such bias reporting.

I believe in Winnipeg, just not in the Free Press.

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