Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canadian Museum For Human Rights Near It's Goal

The recent donations to the Canadian Museum For Human Rights prove that, despite hard economic times, businesses across Canada believe in the vision of Izzy Asper and the importance to the success of this international destination. The recent efforts by the Friends of the Canadian Museum For Human Rights, led by the endless energy of Gail Asper, has put the Museum only $2 million dollars shy of their goal to raise $105 million dollars from the private sector.

The Cardinal Foundation - created out of the good will of Tim Burt, CEO of Winnipeg business Cardinal Capital Management - has agreed to donate $100,000 over five years. Burt felt it was time his organization had more focus in their charitable donations going forward, despite the roughly 25 per cent decline in the firms assets over the past year.

The firm is encouraging employees and clients to get involved, noting the foundation is open to anybody at Cardinal Capital. They've even developed a financial incentive to volunteer-minded employees.

On a larger note, Graeme Sifton, President of The Carolyn Sifton Foundation, has made a $1 million dollar donation in honor of his late mother Nancy. The donation was motivated by the Museum's focus on educating youth to the importance of human rights.

Winnipeggers should be glowing as the Museum will bring both tourism dollars to Winnipeg, and a sense of pride in providing the world an architecturally stunning destination, focused on bridging people through our common rights as humans.

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