Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winnipeg Business Call Can't Dial All Day

I'm very supportive of the recent strategy by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in "Selling Winnipeg to the World." It makes sense to call upon the business leaders in Winnipeg for input into their industries; identifying companies looking to relocate or expand their operations. The personal touch, regardless of today's flattened world still provides some of the strongest results.

In saying that, you can't be on the phone 24/7. You cannot expect that every business owner that receives a call will be open to discuss their plans and growth strategies. Nor can you call every potential company. What about overseas markets operating in different time zones or with language barriers?

My question: What is the strategy of the Winnipeg Chamber online? How or will they harness the power of the internet to strengthen their efforts or will they simply rely on old methods that leave a lot of room for missed opportunity?

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