Friday, January 9, 2009

Selling Winnipeg Business to the World

I recently read over the 3-year strategic rollout from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce called "Selling Winnipeg To The World." A must read for anyone interested and concerned with the direction of Winnipeg commerce as we begin 2009.

The WCC, one of North America's most respected chambers, are taking full accountability for the success of this program, providing measurable steps as they look to place Winnipeg as an international target to global companies looking to relocate or add to their empires.

Phase 1 of the plan is one which I highly respect as the right approach. They will be calling upon the key players in Winnipeg's business community to provide input on the sectors they represent for the following information:

- identify "leads" of businesses outside of Manitoba looking to open, expand or re-locate
- identify local resident businesses that may be vulnerable in their ability to make a long term commitment to Winnipeg
- help to repatriate any of their operations outside of Winnipeg and/or to attract some of their key suppliers or customers to relocate here
- provide advice regarding which sectors/segments best fit Winnipeg's economic conditions and climate

Once these leads are identified, the WCC will recruit a sales force of Winnipeg's best to go and close the deal.

I'm also encouraged in seeing that the WCC are calling upon not only private-sector business leaders, but also key associations and Destination Winnipeg to aid in their efforts.

How do you feel about the approach? Who is spear-heading these efforts within the WCC? What are the next phases? If these are questions you find yourself asking, I encourage you to link through to the rollout and read more.

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