Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Gift to Winnipeg Business

I recently had the pleasure of using the services of - a Winnipeg business in the growing online gift basket industry. With my loving wife under copious amounts of stress in her new role from teacher to administration in Manitoba's education system, I felt a "gift for her" would be a way to erase some of her building frustration.

This Winnipeg business blew me away when I saw the quality of products they offer in their gift baskets. I have ordered these in the past, only to be disappointed by the cheap, tasteless food - and even worse - the mountain of tinsel that I received.

Warning people: just because something is shiny, doesn't mean its of value.

I'm still a little old-fashioned, so I phoned to speak with someone there about my order. I was floored by the enthusiasm that came from the person I dealt with; its obvious when someone is passionate and loves what they do. I purchased the gift basket online, and the transaction went off without a hitch. The website was easy to use, and easy to navigate.

I went with the "Gourmet Treats - Medium" basket which was worth every penny - or at least so I heard - my wife and her staff devoured the goodies in one short sitting.

So Winnipeggers, if you have a loved one or some corporate butts to kiss, I suggest you leave it to the capable, creative minds at

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