Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winnipeg Business 2.0? I doubt it.

Here is a excerpt from the recent Mayor's State of the City address I read. Let me stress that I read it.

"Globally, governments who want to serve their citizens better are learning to reset
the ways they do business... And this Spring, I will officially launch the public input component to this initiative through a Symposium - A Sustainable Winnipeg... We will introduce effective methods of engagement such as an Interactive website, Web TV, blogs, roundtable discussions, and scenario visioning workshops."

Hmm... I may feel more confident in Winnipeg government and business embracing the opportunities that technology and the internet bring if they could have - at the very least - provided a digital video of the speech. Both the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce website and City of Winnipeg website both have the .pdf. It's great to be able to read it over in detail, but... come on - would it have been so tough to actually post the video to capture some of the emotion?

Winnipeg Business 2.0 - I don't think so.

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